Who's Digital Leader
Everyone could be “Digital Leader” and that is the main lesson


Story Narrator (Female voice) Deutsche Bank invited its employees to a conference meeting in order to help them define the Digital Leader in the company. Four people were chosen to act as a jury and identify the Digital Leader. They had to observe the routines of DB’s employees from every age and nationality, who work in various spheres and solve different tasks. The jury members had to spend several hours monitoring their colleagues and evaluate who among them is their Digital Leader. DB Narrator (Male voice) “Look around for these factors defining our Digital Leader”:

  1. Digital Leaders are the people in an organization who build technological bridges with a human touch and help to connect the old and the new culture.....
  2. At Deutsche Bank digital leaders focus on aligning and harmonizing the existing digital offers and client base with the traditional side of branch-based banking. Digital transformation is creating fantastic opportunities ....
  3. Their most important quality is a desire to encourage new thinking and implementing new initiatives. They manage to keep an eye on existing organizational .... Narrative Intermission, Video & Sound Story Only: Camera depicts different frames and angles, showing DB’s employees working and talking, while jury members take their notes. This happens for some time with variable camera speed and focus, presenting people of all ages and nationalities doing their jobs.

Jury Answers (4 members – 2 males and 2 females from different nationalities): 1. “For me it is very difficult to promote only one. All my colleagues possess the potential to be Digital Leaders.” 2. “If I answer “Everyone”, does it count?” 3. Frankly speaking, I can’t point out a single colleague. They are all suited for it. 4. I agree with my fellow jury members, but wish to add that this is definitely me. I also want to be a Digital Leader!

Story Narrator (Female voice)

The truth is that everyone is and could be a Digital Leader!

Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

I based my first poster on colors, symbols and proportions which are characteristic for the desired message. The result is an eye catchy visual with strong message and symbolism. For the second poster I’ve used images of Deutsche Bank employees, presented in an equal way without highlighing anyone particular, because all of them could be Digital leaders.

Please provide a summary of your film script/storyboard:

Please refer to the Project Template and Script Slides in the Presentation.

What makes your film poster and script special?

I believe that my proposed posters and script work together very well. Their messages are direct and easy to follow, in the same time walking away from clichés. The visuals of first poster promote the idea of brighter future, achieved together. The script aims to show people that digitalization is something good and helpful. Everyone could be “Digital Leader” and that is the main lesson and the strongest point of the script.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third party material? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

Images and videos from https://www.db.com/ | Deutsche Bank Headquarters image, stock font and mockup from google.com |