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Short description

The rapid development of information and communication technologies has fundamentally transformed the traditional “operating system” of doing business. Digital transformation is creating fantastic opportunities for optimizing existing value chains and developing entirely new models for value creation – especially for finance. While the technological possibilities are seemingly endless, the digital transition process nonetheless presents a variety of organizational challenges.

Deutsche Bank is promoting a new digital leadership initiative to put digital thinking firmly at the heart of the business. To get things underway they are looking for a unique invitation to get all staff, digital immigrants, digital natives, skeptics, late bloomers and experts on board and play an active part in the journey.

Here is a little glimpse of the story so far:

Your task

Create a blockbuster film concept and poster for “The Digital Leader” to push digital transformation at Deutsche Bank.

What's in it for you as a participant?

  • Connect with a creative and innovative global crowd.
  • Your ideas will presented to top-level management at Deutsche Bank and other key players in the financial industry.
  • You could win one of 19 cash prizes out of the €15,000 total prize pool.

  • A special “Halftime Award” will be awarded to the creative with the best idea submitted before halftime feedback on the 11th of September who will receive a brand new iPad Pro. The creative with the 2nd best idea will get one-year subscription of Netflix. And if you have the two best ideas, you have the chance to get both! 
  • Next to the community prizes there are 3 Jury Awards in the pool: 2 of the 3 jury prizes will go to the creatives with the best poster design whereas the third will go to the best story script/story board!


Project Jury

Awarded ideas