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This is all I need for Xmas!

One of my favourite topics, so looking forward to participating! Anyone want to collaborate? I've won two feedback prizes across my two first projects - I'm good on storytelling, concepts & words. If you have good ideas and work visually, we'll make a great team!

try submitting a blank idea were you are just pointing out that you are looking for collaborators (use the title slide). you can provide a sneak preview at the core thought driving your idea ... and you can then invite the collaborator directly into you idea. just a thought to give your needs an improved stage.

same as above, i'll need someone who does after effects premiere etc.

try submitting a blank idea were you are just pointing out that you are looking for collaborators. you can provide a sneak preview at the core thought driving your idea ... and you can then invite the collaborator directly into you idea. just a thought to give your needs an improved stage.

Greeting! The project really interesting! After reading the briefing & looking at the early submission, I wondering ... are the client asking us to develop special edition of "WIRED" magazine on the subject? And we need to work on one section of it? Feel more like a journalism, right?

I am curious to see cover designs featuring a story on the future of work that you find inspiring or worth reflecting. I believe this is a quite open challenge to gather diverse perspectives.

I am a bit puzzled by the 14x 500€.... so it could bet that I spend days on an elaborate double spread with intricate story and concept - and then be forced to sell for 500? It seems awfully low for any license, to be honest.

Hello CrossTheLime,

Thanks for voicing your concern. We decided to award 14 Jury Awards with €500 to ensure a wide range of ideas will be selected, expecting different types of submissions, ranging in content, visualizations, insights, needs and perspectives.

We also had a look at what the average compensation for a blog or an article is, and found the €500 to be well within the range. Keep in mind that we set a word limit of 2500 words per submission, which is absolute maximum for an article.

I see your a professional creative yourself and I'd be very interested to see how you want to work in the future.

Best, Nils

Definitely for more than 500€ within a spec setting. :D

Just to clarify - for me, there must be a distinct difference between the numeration that I receive when hired directly, and the hey-let-me-work-for-free-and-pray-for-the-best projects that you run here. Especially when the community payments are so low, too, compared to other projects.

Just reminds me of Unicef - same budget, 50% more greeting cards; just slice that license fee.

I would appreciate a realistic spec payment, and half the number of licenses, to be honest.

Hello CrossTheLime,

Thanks again of letting us know your concerns. In addition to the 14 Jury Awards with €500 there is also a €3,000 Grand Prix for best concept (incl. license fee) and two €1,000 Jury Awards (incl. license fee).

In this crowdstorm we wanted to award as many people as we could and hope that you are motivated to participate.

All the best, Nils

Hello everyone,

I wanted to remind you of our special Holiday Award. The deadline for submitting your ideas ends tonight on Monday the 19th by midnight.

I am looking forward to your contributions!

Dear participants,

With the ForeWork crowdstorm well under way, we are happy to announce the winner of the first week prize! And the winner is: "MEADOW" by lingfa.

MEADOW is a supportive ecosystem for freelancers, offering the right conditions for creative work. It illustrates a novel idea in great detail, and even in this early stage is already visually appealing. We felt it is really on track to being a substantial piece for the publication!

By showing the needs of the creative work force and giving examples of possible projects, "MEADOW" is a good example of how work may look in the future. Congratulations lingfa!

We’re looking forward to see even more great concepts and publications!

Dear participants,

With the holiday season approaching, we are very happy to announce the two winners of the special holiday award!

And the winners are:

"The Human Endeavor Network" by Adam Cochrane


"ALTERNATI" by designmeagain.

Congratulations, you will each receive an Allstart chair from our partner Vitra.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to more great submissions.

Really honored with the special prize - thank you!

cab you put URLs in the future?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friends! :]

Want some quick tips for translating your future of work idea into compelling magazine content suitable for WIRED? Take a look at our latest blog post:

Happy New 2017 Year! Cheers my dear friends! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Congratulations guys!

Dear everyone,

Thank you for submitting your ideas in time for the Halftime Award: a two-week coliving experience!

It's great to see you all coming up with so many different and interesting concepts on the future of work and I am curious to see these go even further.

We will announce the winners and the halftime feedback soon.

All the best, Nils

Looking forward to the halftime feedback!

Hello everyone,

We had a very interesting talk with all of the partners, and there is a lot going on in this crowdstorm, so be sure to read the Halftime Feedback above.

To help kick-start your creative process, be sure to check out the extra sparks included.

But before you do, give a big round of applause to our Halftime Award winner:

Congratulations, The Human Endeavor Network by Adam Cochrane is our award winner. You’ve understood and translated the challenge into an innovative and straightforward concept.

For any further questions about the feedback, please get in touch. Don’t wait, innovate!

Cheers, Nils

Great halftime feedback and congrats to Adam again!

Congrats. Lets shoot this one to the moon.

Hello everyone,

have you seen or latest Spark Ying-Yang Job Sharing yet? It builds on the idea that we all want diversity and variation in our work life by letting two individuals share a professional role. These types of policies can help to form the innovative and inspiring work places of tomorrow.

You can use our Sparks as inspiration for your own ideas and develop them further. If you have any further questions, of course you can ask me.

Yours, Nils

Dear Creatives,

Did you realize that we’re down to the last 14 days until deadline? That means it is slowly time to post all your concepts and updates, so you can have enough time for feedback and development.

If you update your idea, please let me know by leaving a short comment with your thoughts.

And to kickstart your creative process we’re going to give you a seven day daily dose of inspiration. To kick it off, here is an interesting podcast about the meaning of work.

Yours, Nils

Dear Innovators,

Here is a blog post I wanted to share with you to get inspired over the weekend.

Check out how 5 forward-thinking companies are shaping the future of work and explore what ideas are being pushed forward.

Yours, Nils

Hello everyone,

Digitalization is transforming the way we work and collaborate. Rethinking the digital organization creates a great potential for new innovations.

Take a look at this article about the digitally disrupted workplace for some further inspiration.

Yours, Nils

Dear participants,

Greater employee engagement does not only make for a happier workforce, but also creates room for innovation and creativity for companies. This win-win setup is a key theme when discussing the future of work.

For more insights on this topic take a look at Chuck Blakeman’s TED talk about the emerging work world in the participation age and share your ideas on how to establish more engagement.

Yours, Nils

This talk is brilliant, I so agree with Chuck Blakeman, thank you for sharing!

Dear Creatives,

We are happy to announce another member to our jury: Tim Leberecht how lives in Silicon Valley and focuses on the importance of the emotional and social aspects of our work in times of big data and automatization.

Check out his TED talk on the 4 ways to build a human company in the age of machines for more inspiration.

Best, Nils

Good one, thank you:)

Dear Participants,

There are 7 days left for you to submit your ideas to the Looking ForeWork crowdstorm.

Therefore, I want to share with you Todd Henry’s TED talk on creativity under pressure. He talks about the creative process and how it is about venturing into the uncomfortable places, pushing ideas into the unknown and to constantly reworking the ideas.

Take his advice and use the remaining time to work on your ideas. Make them as amazing as possible and have fun along the way.

Yours, Nils

Hello everyone,

We have covered a lot of interesting questions during the crowdstorm so far. I have been thinking about how nowadays there seems to be a constant separation of work, education and the private life. Think about this trend and let me know if it make sense to merge these areas back together?

Yours, Nils

As I was reading some of the ideas for the future workplaces, especially the ones that suggested melting the three, I started thinking about how I would be able to live and work under the same roof and I came to the following conclusions: 1. I am an extroverted person, I need to constantly receive outside impulses, have people around me, talk to others and hear stories from the outside world. Home means: safe, lazy time, the perfect place for my hobbies, the place where I can fully be myself, where my personality can unfold without the fear of being judged. Work is different: you put on your working mask, forget about the painting you started at home, forget about the unwashed dishes, and concentrate on your daily tasks. 2. BUT, I also have introverted friends, who feel uncomfortable around people, are distracted from their work when they are surrounded by their coworkers and therefore they are not as effective as they expect themselves to be.
So, in my opinion the question is not whether to melt the three spaces into one or not, but to decide for yourself which type is more suitable for your personality. Do you believe I could be right?

There are infinite ways to kill a man, and not all of them qualify as homicide, transhumanisation is certainly one of them.

Dear Participants,

We have entered the last week of this crowdstorm and I am am excited to see what you come up with in this final sprint.

So far we have been dealing a lot with concepts on how to handle time in a flexible and dynamic way. When companies introduce work-life flexibility policies that change work hours and vacation time, employees feel more focused and productive, and tend to be better at time management.

Check out our bog post about Finding the Time for Work-Life Flexibility to find out how companies can bend the rules on time.

Yours, Nils

Dear Participants,

There are two days left for you to submit your ideas and scenarios of the future. Deadline is Thursday at 17:00 CET so make the time count.

Good luck, Nils

Dear all,

We have reached the final 24 hours of this crowdstom. Now is the time to upload your submissions and final updates. Show us your brilliant and awesome ideas!

I wish you good luck.

Yours, Nils

como ago para crear un proyecto tengo algunas ideas

I can't invite Sparky to a collaboration. It does not find "it" when I type Sparky in the "Invite Collaborator" section.

In that case add Sparky to the title of the submission and we will know that you are referring to a spark.

Best, Sparky

I can't invite a collaborator by her username. It says 'matches not found'. Why it happens?

same happened to me, I already reported that in December

Hey guys, The submission period is over. Congratulations to all and good luck ! Cheers, Andrei

Dear Creatives,

We have reached the deadline of the first ForeWork crowdstorm with 151 submissions!

I am quite impressed by the variety of your ideas, it is nice to see so many different takes on the future of work. This has been a great deep dive and we have seen many interesting ideas and new insights.

You now have one week time to rate your favorite projects and choose your winners. Find more information about our rating system here.

Thank you for participating so far and stay tuned for more on the ForeWork initiative.

Good luck, Nils

Great! :) Thank you Nils! Dear partners, let's rate!

Good luck everyone :)

So great that many people joined in - looking forward to the end result!

Dear Participants,

You have three more days to rate your favorite submissions for the community prizes.

Here are some guidelines on how to rate in this crowdstorm:

• Make sure to take both the novelty of the idea and its presentation into consideration. • Be sure to read and consider the creative brief. • Rate using the full scale from 1-10. By giving a diverse range of ratings you broaden the range of ratings and use the full spectrum and power of the rating system. • If you have friends on the platform and you find it hard to be objective, it’s better not to rate their ideas. • The more you rate the fairer the result – more people more opinions. Broader spectrum. • Always be fair and objective! Rate the ideas, rather than the people who submit them.

Feedback is an important step in the creative process since it provides the basis for learning and personal development. It would be great if you find enough time to also give qualitative feedback on the submissions in the comment section.

Yours, Nils

Hello, everybody! First of all, thank you very much for the great project, for great ideas. You all did great work. Good luck to everyone. And second, Nils, I would like to know your opinion on the following subject:) I have a question, which didn't cause any influence on my voting, but I did not find the answer to it while reading the ideas. So I decide to ask you if you don't mind. How big the target group for this Big Change in the working process? Let me explain what I mean. Imagine the borderless digital world. We can work for companies around the world, and it also means that everybody else can, too. This means that competition becomes really tough. In my experience, the bigger competition is, the more people do their work for a lower price. The lower price - the lower quality. There is no chance to do work well, fast and be happy with a low income. This situation is not good for both companies and for us. And let's come back to my question. If our target group is freaking talented, highly skilled and experienced creatives - everything's fine. They do work which no one else can do. They cannot be replaced by robots, at least for now:) But if we talk about the huge community of average skilled creatives and beginners, who actually do the everyday routine work, what makes us think that there are enough opportunities for everyone in the future? How do you think, maybe the borderless digital market of services first of all needs a complex of administrative tools to become a highly regulated system, and then VR glasses, drones, and holographic assistants?(I love them too, thouhg:) Thank you for your attention! Tia

Hello Tia,

Many thanks for your question. I believe that our crowdstorm has been looking at the future of work on an individual, team and organizational level. The majority of submissions have been dealing with issues in the field of microeconomics. Your question on the other side is more on a macroeconomic level and deals with the larger implications of globalization. Competition is a matter of supply and demand and a borderless digital market might lead to more supply of talents working for a project. But this also gives people in developing countries the opportunity to work on projects they might not have had access to otherwise.

In my opinion competition and lower prices do not automatically lead to a reduced quality since it is also in the interest of the clients to ensure the highest quality. Finally, it is about directing and steering these big trends in the right direction. Some regulation might be needed to protect the individual from exploitation and to ensure a level playing field on a global scale. But for this discussion to happen we first need to see what is actually possible and happening before it can be regulated effectively.

What do you think needs to happen so that a borderless digital market is fair and just for everybody?

Yours, Nils

Thank you very much for the answer! I agree, my question is on a macroeconomic level. Professional deformation:) But I think, this level influences on microeconomics pretty much. In my opinion, what we need first, is an additional link between companies and potential employees wich would regulate administrative aspects. I would suggest creating a network for the employees and companies and put a huge banner on profile pages saying "Go learn how to work tomorrow". To teach people how to calculate the price of their work, what the copyrights are all about, how to work with a team, how to organize their work, the latest trends or whatever they may need, working for the global market. To teach professional ethics according to changes in the world. We still cannot get such a knowledge in universities, because this is "ForeEducation" issue. Before becoming an illustrator, I studied economics for 6 years so I had no problem with managing my contracts, payments and all those stuff. But I don't think that designers and IT-specialists have to go and study economics:) And as for the opportunities themselves, to tell you the truth, I do not believe that there are enough of them, for everybody, if we do not talk about great talents. I could be wrong, and it would be great:) There are 7,5 billion of us, and many of us are talented. What I believe in, is that we need to work as hard as it possible improving our skills today, because tomorrow the world will be different. Actually, I do not complain, I just would like to have enough of the information about what is going on, at one place:) Kind regards, Tia

Blockchain + IoT + Smart Contrats + Micropayments + Machine Learning! The ForeWork Blockchain! :)

Hello Tia,

Building on your comments I think that this could be a very interesting jovoto challenge: How to redesign higher education? This discussion could show how education could prepare the next generation for working flexible and independently, continuous learning and finding their passions.

Yours, Nils

It can be used in every society & mankind aspect, from agriculture, to education, to politics, to medicine, to creativity its really endless, so infinite that we still don't really even know what we will create from it, but as it ensures Transparency, Trust, Flexibility & Decentralization. The near future(2-5 years) w/this restructure hype of the society systems, things will never be the same as we know it today, and will be for the good of everyone, focus on humanity & w/real meaningful purpose for each and every individual of our future society. There's hope that things will be better for the world, at last. :)

Knowing your concepts, I think, you forgot crypto currencies;) They must be somewhere!:)

@Nils: "How to redesign higher education?" - sound great! Looks like new generations would need to study how to get new skills, rather than particular subjects:)

@Tia, cryptocurrency tokens of values such as btc, eth, or even custom tokens for example the "jo"(if jovoto someday opts for it), it's implicit from it's roots into the blockchains dapps ecosystems, if you read "The ForeWork Blockchain" idea completely(plus the inspiring videos at idea description) you can learn & see how all this will work, or better said, how this is already working. All is still now a little "geeky" but everyone will be using it even without knowing it, everybody will be enjoying life as never before. :)

Blockchain + IoT + Smart Contrats + Micropayments + Cryptocurrencies(tokens of value) + Machine Learning = The ForeWork Blockchain! :)

Okay, okay! It was a joke:) I give up:) Good luck!

Hi Everyone, it was a great and fun contest. At the end of it, can us be presented a top based on the brakedown rating: be it out of the box idea or suitable for Wired?

Dear Talents,

The community rating has now ended, many thanks for casting your votes. We will announce the winners of the community award next week after we have ensured a fair voting process.

Additionally, our jury will meet on February 22nd to select the eleven jury award winners.

All the best, Nils

Thx a lot Nils! Great to know! Inspiring Project! :)

Thanks for guiding us, Nils. This projects means a lot for us, while checking many of the submissions here I noticed the same concerns and experiences I have had about the traditional employment system and the future of work. This is something else! Good luck for everybody!

Dear Creatives,

Many thanks to all of you for participating in this highly interesting crowdstorm. By exploring big trends and following your own passions, you have managed to paint a colorful and exciting picture of how the future of work could look like. While we are still waiting for our jury of experts to review and vote one the submissions, the community ratings are now official.

Therefore, I am now happy to announce the six community award winners:

1st place: THE HERALD OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: 7 Concepts of an evolving future by Anna Sokolova

2nd place: Skill Share by Celina Cabral

3rd place: Kibikio by Orangerender

4th place: Endeavor by Vladimir Dimitrov

5th place: Welcome to 21st century by Mariya_vasileva

6th place: Middle of Nowhere - Center of Everywhere by Tommaso Balladore

A big round of applause to the 6 community winners. You can take a look at the overall community ranks here.

Next up are all the community engagement prize winners. A big thanks to you for making jovoto a fresh, collaborative and constructive place to work and share ideas.

The Collaboration Award goes to Razvan Ghilencea and Alex Buta for their submission Mind Guardian.

Our Best Feedback Award goes to designmeagain.

And finally, I am happy to welcome Irina Klimina to jovoto with our Newcomer Award.

Congratulations to all the winners so far. Stay tuned for the announcement of the jury awards and check out the second crowdstorm of the ForeWork initiative: Design ForeWork.

Yours, Nils

this was an amazing project to participate! My warm thanks to all the community for the ratings :D

Awesome! Congrats winners. I guess need to make my designs better next time

Congratulations to the winners!:)

Thanks Nils, huge congrats to all the winners! Awesome project and opportunity

Congratulations!! Huge thanks to the community, it is so rewarding to see great results when you put lots of effort in your work.

Dear designers, creatives and innovators,

Yesterday our ForeWork jury got together to select the jury award winners. First of all, they would like to thank you all again for your hard work in this crowdstorm! Overall, the jury members were very impressed by the quality of the submissions and we had a long and passionate discussion about the nominees. In many cases we were eager to learn more about your concepts.

Therefore, I am very thrilled to announce the eleven jury award winners with comments on the top three submissions:

1st place €3.000: THE VIRTUAL COPY OF COMPANIES by Jorge Marín

This submission was the clear cut winner of the jury session and we encourage everybody to have a closer look at all the hidden details of the concept (one juror called it the “Hidden Champion”, because its ingenuity is only revealed after the second and third look.) Its full scope and detail blew us away. The virtual copy of companies challenges us to not just think about the virtual space, but also the symbiosis of the physical and digital world. It shows how the virtual and physical world synchronize, accessed from anywhere via an interactive platform to hold meetings, design products, share processes, or test the end user experience. By exploring the implications of such an future scenario and illustrating it beautifully this submission is an honorable winner.

2nd place €2.000: Teams+ by Celina Cabral

Celina’s submission about a platform that lets professionals work together by building ultra-specialized teams with ease was seen as an idea with high potentials of actually being implemented soon. She made use of great mock-ups and was able to show how Teams+ is relevant for faster, more flexible and effective teamwork.

3rd place €2.000: Office in Our Pockets - The WorkWorld Online by Shao Design

“Office in Our Pockets” is a portal that allows access to an organization via the mobile phone. Our jury saw the potential in this virtual office interaction system for improving work mobility and flexibility as well as global collaboration workflows.

4th place €1.000: The Bigger Picture by Indiego

5th place €1.000: The Playground: The Future of Work is Play by Sam Lane & Sebastian Needler

6th place €1.000: Skill Share by Celina Cabral

7th place €1.000: Unity Decentralized System by drosioru & land_of_dreams

8th place €1.000: THE HERALD OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: 7 Concepts of an evolving future by Anna Sokolova

9th place €1.000: ASI Research Report by drosioru

10th place €1.000: Middle of Nowhere - Center of Everywhere by Tommaso Balladore

11th place €1.000: Worgle by Juan Pablo Cruz

Congratulations to all the winners. This announcement also marks the end of the Looking ForeWork project. Working with all of you has been a really nice experience and I hope to see many of you again in our second crowdstorm Design ForeWork.

Yours, Nils



Wow! I am so happy, this is amazing! Congrats to all for the great work!!

Congratulations to all the winners and the jury for a great job!!!

Congrats! to all winners. my full research was a loser.

Awesome!!!!!!! Big congrats to all =D

Dear all,

I wanted to let you all know that there are still 13 days left to participate in our second crowdstrom Design ForeWork.

This project is accessible to jovoto PRO users. You can apply to the PRO layer with your portfolio here , your submission will be taken into consideration within 24 hours.

Yours, Nils

Goodluck all pro users! "You don't change the world by doing what you're told," according to Joi Ito, the director of MIT's Media Lab.

Hello creatives,

I will be guiding the new Washful Thinking crowdstorm for Miele, the internationally renowned manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances.

The challenge is to redefine the old laundry care process, considering existing user journeys, spotting opportunities, integrating unexpected twists and fresh ideas that will inspire how laundry will happen in the future!

The project starts today and it's a unique opportunity to gain international exposure and immerse yourself in service and experience design to rethink laundry experiences. Have a look at the brief and join the crowdstorm.

Best of luck! Robin

Dear Creatives,

In the next step of the ForeWork Initiative, we will be hosting a two-day workshop with the initiative partners in Berlin. There we will be building on your ideas to develop new scenarios about the future of work.

I am very happy now to announce the four ForeWork creatives who are invited to come to Berlin and participate in this workshop:

Celina Cabral


Jorge Marín

Adam Cochrane

Congratulations to the winners, I am looking forward to meeting you.

Yours, Nils

Congrats everyone and have a good time in Berlin!

Congratulations! and all names did a great job and deserve it , have a nice successful workshop ;)

Thanks so much guys, you all had made wonderful contributions for the Forework project :D