Design system for creating interior expressions


“Productor” is an open system consisting of elements, which are in constant connection with each other. Products that communicate with each other in order to build a spatial structure and define an interior molecule. The products, their connections and combinations are the atoms shaping up that interior molecule. It is a system aimed at people for whom constructing and design is an everyday life - architects, designers and engineers. A framework which is self-evolving. By adding products to it enables a full personalization and creates endless possibilities, the limitations are only ours. “Productor” opens up new horizons for development of ideas and concepts due to its flexibility, modularity and possibility of upgrading. The products that can be added are unlimited, because the philosophy behind is based on combinatorics - in this way the possibilities for development and creation of new products are endless. You can change the atmosphere and the environment easily by controlling volumes, light and sound.

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To create a conference and a meeting area in an open office space with peculiar atmoshere where the client can be impressed by the company’s profile and attitude towards design and detail. The combination of those products will give the possibility to have a self supporting structure that can serve your personal and company needs. By combining those elements you can create basically endless configurations. The only limit is your imagination!

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Product Design | Rendering

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