OutSMARTed, UpSMARTed or DownSMARTed? Working alongside AIs with cognition
When people have to adapt themselves to their new co-workers: the AI systems.


People's attitudes towards "machines" are due for a big change. AIs will increasingly make us feel awed, and sometimes even fearful, of their capabilities. As AI's begin to assimilate huge amounts of information, analyze and draw conclusions with a bandwidth that surpasses that of an average human brain, our notion of job security may need rethinking. Some of us might feel we are "sleeping with the enemy." But life will have to go on, and work will have to go on, alongside our new AI co-workers. That's inevitable.

Will we feel outsmarted by these machines that we ourselves created? Or, will we find ways to make them a part of us, thus enhancing our capabilities and turning us into even "smarter" entities? Over time, might some of us begin to lose existing skillsets as we let AIs and automation take over tasks for us?

Some industries and job roles shall take bold steps forward with AI. Some will have good reasons to stay conservative. Where do you see yourself on the playing field?

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