Creativity will set you free. Will it, truly?
When you bypass traditional employment to find clients & consumers globally: Glory or Pitfalls?


Increasingly, creatives will bypass traditional companies and find clients & consumers globally. Technical services will come from freelancers. Even serious stuff like strategy and R&D will rope in consultants and freelance scientists. For many of these people, this new economy of freelance work and crowdsourcing shall be a blessing. Many people will break free from traditional constraints and create value, while making a decent living. But, as in many economic systems, there shall be a risk of exploitation; and the fierce competition might take people overboard.

I've been thinking about these issues since the past two years. My goal here is to take the stories & opinions of Jovoto creatives, veterans and newcomers and shine some light on them. Through an essay. Possibly a photoessay. WHICH WE CAN ONLY CREATE IF THERE IS ENOUGH INTEREST from the sponsors and the community. Thanks!

Perhaps, this will create a dialogue around some issues that are not "hip" but nevertheless important in the future of work. And perhaps, we shall get the attention of company executives who usually see the value and the savings in crowdsourced work, but do not necessarily consider the people behind the work.

Feel free to comment below, and if you have an anecdote or something to share, please message me here, putting "Creativity vs Exploitation" in your subject.

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When people bypass traditional employment to find clients & consumers globally, there will be both pros and cons.

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