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I present to you the solution to global unemployment


MUST READ EVERYTHING!!!The main reason for worldwide unemployment is the fact that many university graduates have literally no idea of what is actually happening in a company they would like to work for. Surely, internships help in this matter, but usually they limit themselves to one department/internship, fact which will not properly prepare the intern for future challanges in the company. Be that as it may, I come to you with a proposal consisting in developing universities in multinationals. Being one of the partners in this project, I have chosen ADIDAS as a template multinational company. The university will be entitled "University of Adidas". WHAT DOES IT DO? The alumni or employees with the most exp. in the company will leave their positions (leaving them vacant for younger employees)and become professors and trainers in subjects which will consist in teoretical and practical courses, teaching the students about exactly what is going on in the company as well as teaching them the company's history, its structure, its document formats, plus communication in foreign languages, according to the nationality of the company's foreign partners. Slide 2 presents an example of a timetable in the "University of Adidas". WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? A candidate must meet the minimum requirements for attending the company university, which are: 1.being a highschool graduate; 2.being available to relocate, due to the fact that company university graduates can be relocated if they wish to pursue a career in the respective multinational. WHAT IS THE FEE? Students must pay a fee that is supposed to cover the professor's wages, as well as study materials. The company university will establish the fee itself according to the cost of living of its location. WHAT OTHER BENEFITS WILL IT ASSURE? It will properly prepare the human resource for the demands of the corporate environment, it will develop competitivity, it will develop the flow of human resource, reducing the unemployment rate

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SUMMARY: Every multinational should have its own university, teaching the students EXACTLY how and what is going on in the company, in every department, making them understand it in a deeper level than that of just a simple employee. This process will create more experts and increase the rate of the multinationals' efficiency, as well as reduce the unemployment rate through the simple continuous process of STUDY - WORK - GROW (Slide 3)

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