50%-50%,you can have it all
50% work at home-50%work at office


My idea is about a sistem that allows employees to do their tasks half time at office,half time at home. For example working one day at office/one day at home or one week at office/one week at home. It is a great oprtunity for employees to experimet bought office life and working from home. They will have more freedom in organizeing their work time /place,less stress,less boredom by not following the same schedule over and over,more time with the loved ones( i think it is great for kids to see mom and dad accomplishing their tasks for work ,it is a good exemple for them) but also they would have an full -time job,a good paycheck,office life with collegues,collaborators,team meetings. This is how I want to work!

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50% work at home/50% work at office,you can have it all!

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