Dream Startup Plan
Travel. Work & Presentation. Startup a Company.


"The Apprentice" shows of NBC inspired my idea of different people from around the world to experience, explore & provide to startup a company to work. It's an opportunity for having different background people to learn, share, interact & grow as well as investor and client's hope for a new generated from their's differences.

"Like an chemical reaction, when we pour Chemical A, Chemical B, Chemical C & Chemical D in flask, stir and heat, unexpectedly, a whole new idea(s) was born and we use that idea(s) to build a company & generate work." That's my for future of work! Experience new thing, even though something that i don't familiar with, but, with help of other new colleagues, it may spark & ignite!

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First, build a job portal (website & apps). Second, invite the suitable one for workshop & presentation. Finally, based on their idea, invited them to create a company & work

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The idea is all mine. Visuals are from different websites and for the purpose of illustration and explanation only.