Planning Success
A flexible work system that enhances creativity


We work best when we are allowed to make our own decisions, when there are no boundaries to contain us. The idea is to provide a work system that allows creatives to showcase their best potential and help them enhance it further - a system equally beneficial for the organization and the creative. The organization offers a flexible work system where the creatives get to plan their own work schedule for a project. There are no set office hours, they can work at night in the office if they want to, work from home when they want to. To avoid ideas from getting stagnant, every year the organization teams up all the creatives from their offices across the globe and they travel and work together at a single destination. This allows them to interact with people from all over the world, get new incentives and learn from each other - when diverse minds work together, brilliant ideas spark.

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A flexible work system allowing creatives to plan when, where and how they will work. The system is meant to help them keep their creativity alive and expand their potential. Every year, they get to work with minds from all around the world and learn and grow together.

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