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Since I realized importance of permanent education in the life,I am investing many of my time in self-development.I think In the future will be more demand the versatile employees.Most of the knowledge which I have today,I got trough self-education,but to achieve the high results with less waste of the time,you need to pay.Maybe it is not a problem in the more developed countries,but in my country many of people cannot afford the quality(paid)education,so am I.Also future is the globalization,whole the world will be a whole single country with single language,and we should to now all of the regions our big-future-country,it is means we need to travel everywhere.This concept will not fit to all of the employees,I mean the travel and flexible schedule.I do not think that my vision very unique,but it really is how I want to work.I want to collaborate with Sparky cause I have partially taken his (her) idea Work and Travel.

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