Building Dreams
Help me build my dream and I will help build yours!


The topic I want to bring up is the employee motivation.

Obviously, for one to work, a payment is needed in return for the services offered. The problem here is that people are not machines that simply run on money. Stimulation is required for them to truly reach their potential and work for their employer as they would for themselves.

There are many ways to tap into your employee’s potential and to make him feel secure and appreciated. The most common way is money. Increase their reward and in many cases, it works. However, I think that creatives aspire to different thinks as well, as is in my case. I have dreams and ambitions that I would like to see realized, some that are difficult and costly, but that would bring me great satisfaction. To see that my employer is interested in that aspect would be to me a great motivation.

What I propose is a program within companies, where employees can state their dreams, their goals and expectations. Ideally, there would be someone in charge of this program, that would see how well motivated the team members are and what they would want. Thus, the company can offer personal packages, team building events that would be more appreciated, having a personal touch to them, offer courses that could help each member grow in the direction that they want.

Seeing that someone wants to help me build my dream, makes me want to build theirs.

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Help me build my dream and I will help build yours!

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