Mind guardian
An insurance policy for the minds of your creatives.


Creativity is NOT brought in people by some special environment or material compensation. Just look at the lives of most talented people in history. True creatives, the ones who do it from passion, are motivated solely by the chance of being recognized. They are striving to give some sort of meaning to their work.

That’s why you should start an insurance policy for their creative minds. Literally. They get to sign a document that protects their mind for a sum of money. The contract is voided if the employer fails to deliver the following: - Enough free time for the employee’s mind to relax. - Constantly improving employee’s know-how. - Keep employee’s happiness at a high level by helping him succeeding in personal projects.

It’s a simple idea that works for both the organization and the creatives. The organization gets to claim loud and clear that they actually value true talent. Creatives get the feeling they are being recognized for their potential and maybe even get to feel like their sexy brains are worth at least as JLo’s behind or Cristiano Ronaldo’s foot.

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It's an insurance policy that puts a tangible price on the creatives precious minds. Helps the organization spread the word that they're not taking talent for granted.

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