Bicycle is a biunique system in which creatives and entrepreneurs form a community of ideas.


Bicycle enables both creatives and entrepreneurs to work better, safer and more efficient, The system is simple and works very much like a combination of the jovoto and kickstarter online platforms. Entrepreneurs can propose a project which needs creative input. Likewise, creatives can present new ideas which can convince entrepreneurs that are worth investing in. All ideas are collected, evaluated and can be improved. The platform is available online all over the world, but members can socialize and meet anywhere to connect for work or just for fun, inspirational activities. It works like a bicycle, for which both wheels need to spin in order to use the energy to actually move forward.

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Bicycle is an online platform designed to create a community of ideas. All ideas are submitted by creatives and entrepreneurs and can be evaluated and improved. The goal is to discover new ideas and new ways of creating that can make our world a better place.

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