Questions to discover your purpose
To discover your purpose, try asking yourself these questions.


Question # 1: What is your story? The purpose is often hidden in the stories that a person or an organization can tell about her / his / its past.

Question # 2: What are you feeling that your purpose needs to be? Evolutionary purpose means that people listen and help each other grow into what she / he / it / they need to be.

Question # 3: What do people, you serve every day, really need?

Question # 4: What values do you have? 4.a.: What was your last moment of true happiness? Why was this moment for you a moment of true happiness? 4.b.: What would you miss the most, if it was taken away from you? Why is this what you would miss the most, if it was taken away from you? 4.c.: What do you invest / spend the money, that you earn, in / on? Why do you invest / spend the money, you earn, on this? 4.d.: Whom do you admire the most?Why do you admire this person the most? 4.e.: When were you at your best? Why were you at your best then?

Some advantages of having a purpose: 1. People with a purpose do better work. 2. Meaningful work can be very motivational. 3. People with a purpose are self driven. 4. Having a purpose enhances self esteem. 5. Having a purpose leads to higher levels of fulfillment in work. 6. External people can participate in living out the purpose.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

To discover your purpose, try asking yourself and/or have another help you ask the questions mentioned. Working for a purpose / a cause, you will find that, for example, you do better work, are self driven and can involve others in helping live out the purpose.

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