Deceptive Perspective
Understanding the depth of perspective.


Perspective is an illusive idea, but when you follow the path beyond, with the correct resources, talent and outlook you can achieve great things. This idea challenges the brain to think in a way which is hard to realize. Future of Work requires us to create a healthy relationship between the employee and the employer or the team of a start-up. The current generation is learning to be independent, flexible, dynamic, yet, lack the skills of loyalty and trust towards their colleagues. Understanding the requirements of work and your organization, will allow the young minds to mend their thinking process to develop new ideas. The current leaders and management have to understand their recruits and adapt the style of working which provides learning, confidence, comfort and a sense of achievement in the team. This will help provide an atmosphere for growth and innovation.

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The future of work requires our leaders, entrepreneur and new hires to look at what others see. Success, the common goal, can be achieved only when the employer and employee understand each other’s perspective. Employee’s skills and Employer’s resources together lead the way to steady meaningful collaboration (Cover Design).

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Some ideas taken from Simon Sinek’s interview with Inside Quest – Tom Bilyeu.