A global system which carries on taxes and insurances automatically.


The future of work aims to innovative insights: People working from their homes, crowdsoursing and crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs and creatives lauching their own projects or working for clients establishing their own schedules from anywhere. Such a scenario claims for a network that executes the management of billings, tax deduction, payments and insurance issues resulting from the freelancers exercise in a way that they don't have to carry with this task, but focusing only on their professional work with ease and without any concern. Thus, the need of Kibikio arises as a global system able to do such task in order to ensure a correct and comfortable fulfillment of tax decarations and insurance issues. The name "Kibikio" comes from the Greek pronunciation of "caduceus"(κηρύκειο) which refers to the symbol of public accounting and health care, an item that fits with the aim of the proposal when thinking of tax declarations and insurance for long term.

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Within innovative ways of working, freelancers should be able to focus only on their work without any concern about their obligations resulting from their exercise neither the time that may take them to cope with this. Kibikio is proposed as a global network which calculates, files and pays all the freelancers’ obligations and manages insurance options in order to benefit them in long term.

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