Middle of Nowhere - Center of Everywhere
Middle of Nowhere - Center of Everywhere


I thought that the future of work is not something physical, like a mobile office, in a camper or on a bicycle.... but it will work in a virtual space, as the technology of VR viewers is going. Therefore, the office will be the CENTER OF EVERYTHING and in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, in the network, in the net. We can be physically the sea (as in the slide of John) and attend a conference, or the inverse we can be in the office but teleported in the mountains (Dora slide), where a more relaxed work environment automatically precedes us to better express our creative and business potential. We will design objects by moving our hands in the air and we will be in touch with colleagues and experts that will help shaping the object for us in real time from thousands of kilometers away. The advantage is huge: to adapt the environment to our needs. But we must not think that this will "turn away" our minds from reality, but, as John explains, eliminate travel times, change of clothes, transfer and all that is"physical" working will give us more room for real life. The "physical" office will be used less and less, the computer keyboard will be projected into the air and our desktop will be all around us, thanks to the VR. The idea that many people have, a "nomadic worker" that brings with himself the physical office: a chair, a PC, a solar panel, 4 folding walls and a polycarbonate roof that folds and becomes as big as a suitcase , this are the result of a future tied to the physicality of the past. This is not the future. Ourselves summoned in the network are the future. But also the future will be our skills, what we can do will become your business card. The border of the "provincial worker", the limit "live in a small town," will be overcome and we will wear the dress of our ability. The future is in our head and in the net. nothing more, nothing less. We have the technology to do it, the potential to develop it, the mind to make it happen.

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Middle of nowhere - Center of Everywhere

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