Entrepreneurship Department
Helping employees develop their startups and possibly becoming the company's future partners.


Business is evolving and spending 8 hours a day on a workstation is no longer the only way to make money. Millennials have found new ways to generate income and large corporations are getting behind them. Big companies need creative minds, people able to find new ways to solve problems and adapt to new technologies. This kind of people are not necessarily happy with the way companies handle their talents nowadays. Therefore, in order to keep them doing their best work, a company should try to keep them happy with the idea of working there. People feel happy when they feel fulfilled, when their abilities are fully displayed and taken advantage of and when they are well rewarded for their efforts. I think that is why entrepreneurship and startups are the big thing now, you can do anything you want as long as you have investors / followers / buyers / online shoppers... Thus, if letting your employees develop their own businesses on their spare time is nice, encouraging and supporting them in doing so on their working hours is AWESOME.

Entrepreneurship Department's attributions: - Hearing employees’ startups ideas. - Creating areas where different startups ideas can meet. - Collecting data from internal and external collaborators (from business partners and other employees) - Booking weekly/monthly development activities according to the areas (master classes, lectures, training sessions, workshops, exhibitions, fairs) - Advising startups and possibly investing in them. - Finding ways for new businesses to blend with the company's interests.

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A company’s Entrepreneurship Department helps employees develop their own businesses through programs in spare time, creating company's partnerships and business alliances for the future.

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