Offer the employees extra days off after volunteering.


Once a year, employees have a certain amount of vacation days, most people use those days for activities such as traveling, staying at home and relax or work on personal projects.

My idea consists on promoting volunteering. Depending on the company and it's interests, they would have to choose which causes are more important to them and the employee would have to choose from those options. For example;

#1: If you work for a company in the food industry. Their options could be volunteering on organic farms or on an Earthwatch program.

#2: If you work in the communications industry, then perhaps they would choose to promote volunteering programs for teaching abroad or on human rights programs

#3: If you work for the construction/housing industry, they could choose Habitat for humanity programs.

The duration of most programs is of 2 weeks, which is the average of vacation time.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

The employee can use their time off to volunteer for one of the causes listed by the employer and travel to the city or country where the project takes place.

The employer will ask for a report of their experience once they are done.

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I got this idea based on my own experience volunteering abroad.

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