Feel Safe (Job-loss)
Scared employees won´t live up to their max - So take away their fears and unleash the beasts


Most important to many people who have lost a job before is safety in matters of job-loss. I have worked in Czech Republic, where laws protect employees much better than they do in Austria (where I am from). This feeling of safety is based on two (governmental instated) mechanisms:

First mechanism: Before loosing a job you have to be warned in written - twice.

Second mechanism: If however the company can not keep you although you didn't do anything wrong they have to compensate you in order for you to have time/money to find a new job. This compensation depends on how long you have been with the company. After one year it´s one month´s payment - after two years two months payments - after three or more years you get three months payments, which is the maximum.

In my opinion creatives and innovatives are at risk all the time. A good idea might not work out - or is rather not told in order to play it safe. But this applies for everyone. Anybody these days has to worry about "What if I lost my job". If however I know I have two "strikes" before anything can happen to my workplace I will erase this question out of the back of my mind. I will take on risks and express personal opinions much easier.

It would be very important to give employees those written warnings only in cases of major, disastrous "fuckups".

!! These "strikes" should NOT be attached to "corporate motivational reward-methodologies". It should be a stable, untouchable transparent safety-feel for employees. (in Czech Republic its the law, that anyway stands above all company policies) !!

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Employees shouldn't worry about losing their jobs - but everybody does these days. Two measurements to make employees genuinely feel safe about their future in a company: 1st Employees should be entitled to receive two warnings in written before they can actually lose their job. 2nd If the company has to let them go for reasons unrelated to work performance they should compensate the employee depending on the time they have been with the company.

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An idea for motivation that I have experienced to give you peace in mind.

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