Non-verbal communication in the workplace through a color code
Through a color code-based LED luminaire at any workplace can be communicated without a lot of words between the employees.


By means of a manually adjustable color lighting, each employee gets a new possibility to display his current condition to his coworker, but also to his boss. Compared to a smartphone app, this communication is barrier-free and can be captured intuitively very quickly. The boss also very quickly recognizes the status of his employees and can react accordingly. But also in coworking and jobsharing, a better cooperation is possible, because one can adjust themselves on an emotional level among themselves better. For this purpose, a uniform color code is required, so that the condition can be classified quickly. The color of its own light column can be set manually, but also a remote control via an app for interactions would be possible. It is important that you turn on your current color honestly. I would not suggest this color code completely, but it should be defined in a broad discussion. A few ideas I already had. Green - I enjoy the work, everything is in order Red - rest please, do not want to be disturbed Purple - would like to take a break, who is with Blue - need professional help Turquoise - stress due to overload Yellow - prolonged absence

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Let us make the world of work a little more colorful, show emotions, take more consideration, and get to know your coworkers better. And it works quite simply without computer, app and internet.

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