U-TOP, the Place for You
High tech work place, dream job, no firing.


We are all familiar with the followings: struggling with finding a job, getting fired, not getting payed enough, not getting enough creative impulse and so on. What if there would be a solution to all these problems? Based on my personal experiences, I invented a company that offers work places for all those people who have experienced what I have just enumerated. U-Top, the top company has 2 meanings: YOU on top of the world and also Utopia.
Since I am more comfortable with creative writing, I decided to write you all a little story about Poppy, the sad girl, who meats a talking glass board and finally finds the job of her dreams. I hope you will enjoy it.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

U-Top: the utopian company with you on the top.

What type of content is your submission?

Creative writing, but it will soon be illustrated as well

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