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I came with this idea truly because I thought of the way I'd like to work, I've had the opportunity to work aboards and it was the best experience of my life, when the project ended before coming back to my country I backpacked for a month and I it opened up my eyes.

Now I have a full-time job, in which I have to wait for a year to ask for 8 days of vacation, and then coming back and do the same for a whole year to have more days off, I live far away from my family and I have to wait a lot to get to see them.

I love being a graphic designer, but I think creative carreers don't work with that kind of system anymore. When I was traveling I had way more imagination and inspitation to be better at designing and illustration. But now I'm struggling with my working and living space to find inspiration for my work.

I think the schedule I'm proposing will be perfect for me and other creatives. Having the trust from my company to work long distances at times and the find inspiration somewhere else would help me to grow as a person/professionist.

As well as having workshops and never stop learning which I find hard with the office working hours I have.

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Flexible kind of job

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