Pause - a saving fund & experience plan made for you to have a career break
A safe fund to guarantee a pause for people on their career and offer life experiences.


Pause is a saving fund plan for you to go take a safe break in your career to go living new experiences or just rethink. CONTEXT I believe the future of work is a world where ‘career breaks’ are an important part of everybody overall career strategy. Work until retirement and then have fun it's not anymore people's mindset. Stressful work environments, career doubts, no time to live properly, psychological diseases, anxiety and the fear of lose life is just some related problems that every single human can have. Pause is a fund to encourage everybody to take a break, to think, live, travel the world, learn, take care of themselves and have it be beneficial to their career.

PLANNING Anyone could consider the benefits of taking time off now instead of delaying gratification until they may be too old to enjoy it. By taking a break, even multiple breaks before retirement could actually help you to find the right direction of your career.

Not anyone have the ability of planning costs, idea or time think about it. Pause plan would facilitate the process and let it be even safer to come back more confident.

HOW IT WORKS People would choose a plan according to what they can afford each month. The system would give a estimate time they could take their first break, as well as options of plans and period of time.

The fund consists in a monthly amount to their basics expenses when not working, such as: accommodation, food, health & care assistance, citizen taxes and partnerships with master schools, hotels, airlines tickets and travel companies partnerships.

It's like a trying a retirement for only a year or 6 months.

It would be also included by the end of the break period a headhunter consulting or a entrepreneurial advice to help people come back to the job market or run their own business.

The fund could also have several partnerships with global insurance companies, investments banks and local governments.

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Pause is a saving plan idea for you to go take a safe break in your career. By taking a break before retirement could help you to take a time to find the right direction of your career and live better.

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