Favourite 4 fields for future work. Self defined, different teams, life balance, health integration


This poster shows my favourite characters of future work - or it shows the work of future. The baby to the old man symbolize, that this characters should stay the whole Life and should be highlighted like it ist for my lifeperiod necessary. There are four main fields of future work: 1. I want to work at any time, around the globus or during my day, I want to work everywhere self-defined, in different places. That requieres the second field. To be digital connected to different Partners in the crowd, mobile, in co-workingspaces, to collaborate, To work in projects, to work in different teams. It means too, to be connected to clouds, to machines, to communities. Third important field is Work-Life-Balance or Life-Balance wich should allow to combine the needs of Life to the right time. It contains Learning times - for Life-Long-Learning in a disruption world, it contains time for family and education of children, it contains time to take care about invalid parents and it contains time to follow your hobbies and other things. This the job should allow to integrate and combine. The fourth field is about the occupational workplace health prevention - it contains prevention in general. That means good ergonomic circumstances, sporty possibilities and the support of healthy nutrition. Additional it is necessary to have a culture in the enterprise that supports health and appraisal. The leading personal should give opportunities for healthy workstyles. At least the work should be coherence - it should have a sense, it should be possible to handle with it, and I should be able to understand what for I am doing it - the principle of salutogenes from Antonovsky in 1979.

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Work should respect different Life-periods, I want to work self-defined anytime, anywhere. I want to be connected to different Partners and things. It shoud allow Work-Life-Balance and Work-Health-Integration. All this factors have to work together for a Futurework. All this factors will define the Future of Work.

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