WITHWORK is the platform that allows us to conquer our future.


Increasingly, young people are entrepreneurs and seek to escape the routine, break with patterns and seek satisfaction and encouragement in the simple actions of their daily lives. This inversion of values ​​favoured the search for a new ideology of work: Free, independent, motivating, challenging and without schedules or locations. WITHWORK is the platform that allows us to conquer our future. As? Through a "digital community" with different levels and functionalities, each user can create their own profile and adjust it through their aspirations and experiences. WITHWORK PLATFORM: PROFILE: This is the “arrival” and recognition area where the creative should define his avatar and analyse his profile. Become aware of his skills and set his goals and projects. NCUBATOR: Area where every idea comes to life.The idea is submitted for a first evaluation and once this happens it will be protected by a new concept of patent that guarantees its originality, individuality and authorship. FUNDING: In order to encourage the growth of this new work methodology, it is necessary to ensure that each individual is valued and rewarded for his commitment. SHARING: To encourage collaboration and because we do not all have the same skills, there will be a sharing area where each creative can search for members for their work team or exchange works with other "profiles" through valences and credentials. OPEN CREATIVITY: Competition space that will work with the methodology of JOVOTO. SCOUT: Space of offers with different creative areas where are the different market offers that will be adapted to each profile. B’MIND: Area reserved for large creative projects that must be developed by teams of different skilled elements. BOARD: An area of ​​inspiration reserved for the sharing of creative boards. MEETING POINT: It will be the area of ​​dissemination and social intervention. 10. WORKIT: This area is reserved for training and improvement.

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A digital platatfrom to look for a suitable project and exploring our capacities, improving our skills and adquire a new social and professional network. A place that will encourage and promote our individual work and experiences.

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a digital app

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