Humans for companies - Companies for Humans
An Internet platform and / or app which connects people and companies by ensuring value matching.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Companies will find exactly the right employees in terms of setting, values ​​such as Curiosity and courage, motivational fit. In the normal application process it is often difficult to find out what is dormant in the human being? One finds, so to speak, an unpolished diamond and also potential for future tasks. You reduce the risk of not being in line with one another, because that is difficult and costs. People find the business where it makes the most sense for them to work. They do not want to apply as conventionally anymore, they search for the ideal match based on other criteria and their own values! What is the process? When I talk to people and companies the most important factors are personal relationship, connectivity, bonding etc. Therefore my process bypasses the normal recruiting process by connecting people who are looking for a new job opportunity with people in a company, where purpose / mission fits to the values and the conduct of the person who is looking for a job. By using an internet platform and/or an app you are guided to assess 1st your own values and conduct. This value assessment tool brings additional value to persons and companies as well and is an invitation to do some honsest self-reflection. You have to register upfront, agree on terms on conditions to ensure that your informations are true. Afterwards you will get a list of companies which match to those personal values and you see the companies purpose and their mission. Company descriptions are very focused on how the individual companies live those values. After the selection of the companies with the highest matching points there is possibility to start a conversation with people in the company and to build up a personal relationship between the two sides. Companies have to define those people in advance. When the connection is established, the job is done. Success stories are published and are proof of the high quality of the matching process

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People, looking for job opportunities, find exactly the company which fits to their values, conduct and individual potential. They find the “best fit” company by using an internet platform and/or an app and they connect themselves with people in the suitable companies. Only the fit of the values of a company and it’s employees ensure the potential development of it’s individuals and a sustainable company success.

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