THE HERALD OF CRAFTSMANSHIP: 7 Concepts of an evolving future
Seven concepts suggesting how creativity and AI work smoothly together and expand in the future.


Is there a future for a creative specialist in the age of search engines such as Google and unlimited online data, where everyone has access to the same information? Does Artificial Intelligence threaten our individualism or help make better use of our abilities? Can the modern craftsperson increase production by combining creativity and the practical business world?

The craftsperson of today faces daily challenges in the fast changing world of communication and technology, such as social networks and expanding search engines. Whether working alone at home or in a large company with access to the latest software and interaction with other like-minded individuals the craftsperson must recognize, that robotics and corporate organization help rather then threaten creativity.

The following Seven Concepts suggest ways the craftsperson can work in harmony with the innovative combination of human and artificial intelligence.


These Seven Concepts only scratch the surface of the challenges facing the craftsperson today. The Craftsperson should seek ways to work smoothly with other creative and business minds and embrace the unlimited possibilities of AI.

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Seven concepts suggesting how a craftsperson will work in the fast changing

world of tomorrow. Creativity and artificial intelligence working smoothly

together is no longer a theory and will expand rapidly in the future!

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