We need to change the way we work to make it more attractive to start working


Change the strict order of Work to a flexible one. A lot of My friends from University and I are suffering from FOSW (Fear of Start Working). We rather work at Bars and Clubs to save money for 1 month of vecation to a special place in the world, because we are all afraid that we can never do that kind of travel ever again if we work in the profession we studyed for. I think it would be way better for Companys to incorperate that way of living so it is more attractive to direclty find a job in the profession you studied for. Both sides would profit from a new model that encurages long time traveling and working in a company. The way it works now a lot of working power is going to "waste" when students are working as casheer, bartender or promoter for 9€ per hour to fond there next trip, which can takes months. It would be way better to use that workforce more wisely.

benefits: - get studentds imiditly to work after finishing the Univerity - more satisfyed employee - better life experience traveling makes you understand the world a lot better - more attractive employer

disadvantage: - employer gone for 1-3 Months - nothing

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Change the strict order of Work to a flexible one. Make it possible to take a month or two or three of and travel the world.

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