Future of work: No work at all
Sustainable robots and softwares works for us, we enjoy the life.


Future of work: No work at all.

Artificial intelligence and robotics technology is developing with enormous speed. When this technologies combined with sustainable energy plans, a huge workforce can emerge.

A lot of people works on repetitive tasks that could be done by well-programmed softwares and devices. An intelligent software can keep accounting records or a robot can work on a corn field. Cars already drive themselves around nowadays. We use softwares to create art and perhaps they can do it on their own too. If there are robots around to grow and prepare food for people or if very intelligent softwares exist to do our daily tasks and keep everything working, all we have to do is just enjoying the life.

Most of us having trouble with working too much and we miss the joy of life. And sometimes we could stuck in a job that we didn't want in the first place for years. This blocks our potential to reach forward and consumes our energy. But a sustainable powered robot won't be overwhelmed by its job. With this little helpers we can get a lot of free time and energy to live.

When we have a lot of things to share, there is no need to be aggressive in our jobs or be competitive over our careers. This means more healthy individuals just enjoying their life and only working for joy, self-esteem and the greater good. With this kind of motivation we can reach our full potential to create revolutionary ideas and share happiness all around the world. We can travel, read, watch or make a movie, spend time with our family, write a poem, make a painting freely.

This technological development can led humanity to no mandatory work caused by economical needs. We will only work because we want to create something which have meaning to ourselves and to protect our world.

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When artificial intelligence and robotics technology combined with sustainable energy plans, a huge workforce can emerge. They will do the hardwork and we will enjoy the life.

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