A platform connecting people on demand for a specific task/project for a limited amount of time.


The online platform is like Uber for work connecting various people based on their skills, previous experience, aspirations and learning opportunities. This is suitable for millennials enjoying a nomadic lifestyle, willing to travel the world, develop themselves and not specialise in one field. For instance someone willing to visit New York may check the platform for available openings and apply for a specific startup/project; the emphasis is on personal motivation and eagerness to involve rather than on expertise in this field. With time it can offer suggestions of potential projects, update on networking events and challenge you to learn new skills. There are no organisations, just networks of individuals or groups of individuals, all with entrepreneurial and creative mindset willing to involve in projects that matter to them and that can bring a positive societal impact.

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The boundary between work and personal life is blurring into a lifestyle of wondering and exploring. Individuals develop entrepreneurial skills by involving in various projects around the globe and meeting people that share the same values and aspirations. The key values are: creative mindset, diversity, collaboration, flexibility and mobility.

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