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Extending investment of Ideas and creativity by work remotely .


the future of work as I see it will be in investing all the idle creative minds round the work, Taking advantage of the revolutionary communication techniques it's possible from now on more than any time before to globalize and visualize almost all creative-related jobs so even small company can have its human resources anywhere on earth, and little by little most of creative-related jobs will be done from distance. and this major step in working system will have positive effects on many levels like:

1- Accelerate and amplify the idea-making process by working in a global level.

2- Facilitate the process of mating global scientific and artistic cultures.

3- Reduce unemployment rates globally so countries which have well economy will help other counties.

3- Reduce the cost of the low to mid-level jobs for companies, by hiring from Countries with low average salaries.

4- Helping third world counties in particular to take a step to recover their economy. because working online can go on even beyond the grip of totalitarian governments and this even can help stopping terrorism and religious extremism.

Thinking of developing countries in particular we may have some obstacles and problems because of partial isolation from the new technologies and the new global jobs orientations especially creative jobs, here we should use some investment support program in these counties to help and guide Intellectual and creative talents to be part on the new revolutionary orientations in creative jobs market. and that should be done by two phases:

1- Qualifying and Training phase using the new technologies in remote learning. so people can participate in online learning programs To acquire knowledge and tools to be effective in creative job market.

2- guiding and administrative phase to give support and make sure of the effective investment of Intellectual and creative talents. and make it a Successful and profitable deal for both of Investors and creative talents owners.

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Extending investment of Ideas and creativity by work remotely By taking advantage of the revolutionary communication techniques for Gains for both the investors and the Creative Minds owners on the other side.

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