The idea is to create a virtual copy of the Company, including projects, professionals, spaces....



Tomorrow, business will be defined by the new economic models. But knowing how to adapt the values, architecture and safety of these models can solve known needs and provide innovative solutions. From complex projects, even the most concrete task can become a public transaction (inter-company), with the value that belongs to it from the source. Each company will have its own virtual coins, supported by the intrinsic value of the company and active transactions.

Companies will solve a trust problem with personal responsability & virtual plattforms.


Technological advances can also help us to offset the current limits of companies in relation to communication, sharing, creation of content and above all in relation to the experience of each professional in the performance of their tasks. Virtual and fully interactive spaces can be generated to hold meetings, design products, share processes or test the end user experience.


Physical locations must be synchronized with the new system values, being open, collective, decentralized and modular. It will be positive to be able to relate certain physical spaces to certain virtual spaces Large companies can locate other types of modules for the production, research, or even the cultivation of vegetables for employees.

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Company´s economic values, as social or technologic ones, will form part of the virtual copy and will define the relationship between physical and virtual reality.

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