The future of work is not groundbreaking!
Put humans before anything else and be really sensitive about it and everything changes.


Organizing companies like big families and doing it genuinely could change the whole game. Lots of things today are pointing towards a more responsible and true approach on virtually anything. Society has come to a point where it reconsiders its values. While this process pretty much equals catching up with the new world we have created but never had time to actually embrace, bottom line is that people are the most important thing on earth. Despite recent changes today's work paradigm is not yet based on this hard core truth and employees are regarded as ”resource”. Making family-like companies would add meaning to the time spent there, to every effort and would make life enjoyable again. Consequently family-like companies should aim to make work humane again, to stitch and blend the two separate lives we live: the personal and the professional one.

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Genuine family-like companies can solve today's and tomorrow's problems of working in large and not so large companies. This simple thought requires adapting every parameter of the work process to produce new meaningful workplaces.

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