Good news! It's mainly just useful workspaces & and a trusting, brave, regardful and open mind-set.


Sometimes it is just not neccessary to travel to Mars or reinvent the world. It is even not about creating a loud and representative self-adulation of your company to capture highly motivated and passionate creatives. They mainly want what I just mentioned before: Simply provide the right workspace and mind-set. And of cause an appropriate financial income to make a living.

As you have a look at the studios of successful creatives who work on a self-employed basis, you generally will find spaces which may give you an impression of a so called "wimmelpicture" or "Hidden Object Games". They are full of inspiring objects, work stations of any size and structure, tools, machinery and people who may sometimes seem to be kind of unconventional, but aren't as far as crazy as you might think. The athmosphere varies between silent and tense reflectiveness, enthusiastic and when the deadline is shortly ahead hectic activity, love of experimentation, discussion and forward motion. So what creatives need to be highly productive is far more closer to a playground or a workshop than to anything representative like a foyer or a secretarys' office. It is a place that can be shaped an is allowed to keep changing. A place between noise and silence, communication and reflection, openness and privacy.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

By providing useful workspaces,

a trusting, brave, regardful and open mind-set,

by paying enough for making a living

and by offering creative challenges including collaboration on an equal footing,

I am shure Young will attract the talents your searching for.

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