Employees in multinational companies are not motivated, we create a multinational game for them


Multinational company CEO is very busy in order to care about a great employee working great in a store from another country very far away. This great employee works great and cares about customers, but goes totally unnoticed. With employeeworldcup.com CEO will meet this employee star, the employee will meet the CEO, the global customers will know about that employee, bringing brand awareness for the company all over the world. So, CEO wins, employees win, customers win. Everything is more fair.

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Past and present time: If you are a great employee in the little store of a multinational company, the best you can win is a "employee of the month" certificate. By participating on Employeeworldcup.com, a great employee can be a internet celebrity, because he cared about customers and its own company.

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Just a concept for a gamification platform named www.employeeworldcup.com

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