Towards creating a work-life balance
Earning not just by working but by living a good quality of life socially as well as eco-friendly.


While at work we are so stressed that we forget about ourselves, about our personal life, people around us, the environment that we live in, while we are too busy running the race to earn a living.

What if we could earn a living by helping others, by taking care of ourselves, by making environment conscious decisions? What if we were our own managers, we could assign our own work, be more responsible about it and see the impact instantly of our work?

The idea is to have a co- living hub, a self managed organization where one could earn credit by being socially and environmentally conscious along with managing own work in a peer evaluated system. These credits than can be en-cashed to day to day transactions.

This self managed system can be monitored and evaluated with the support of a smart locket which one can wear. The locket will notify the user as well as make active suggestions on how to live a better life and improve work. Locket is one kind of a solution there could be many other kinds of services that could be developed for this system.

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Creating a self managed system that gives credit points as incentives to live a healthy, social and environment conscious life. A place which motivates one to help, support and collaborate with others by taking responsibility of one's own actions.

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Concept idea , Service model and a wearable design

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