Structured Freedom
A systematic approach to free teams from noxious structures


We believe that freedom and rules are not enemies but mutually dependent sparring partners in the fight for a common goal. From everyday life choices to clear work orders, our life is always determined by rules and freedom. We perceive those as our key resources. We have rules that guide us. But often they dictate to us how to do things, limiting our freedom and independent action. And we have moments of freedom that offer us vast windows of opportunities. We improvise to find our bearings in these moments, we build our own world with its own rules. We learn. So let us use all the resources we have to solve problems.

The method uses rules to gain more freedom. It is applied when a team is stuck. By forcing the team to follow a different rule than usual for three weeks they have to find new ways of dealing with the changed situation through improvising. When the obligation to follow the rule gets removed after the three weeks the team learned and increased their repertoire of action.

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We developed an experimental method that sets a new temporary rule in a team that has a clear problem. The rule forces the team to act in new ways because old habits won't work with the new rule. Afterwards everything goes back to normal but the team has a bigger repertoire of action opportunities: A seemingly restricting rule helped them to think outside the box and unleash their potential.

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