The key of successful
The soul of the company is the employees, If you've happy employees you'll have a successful company


The future of work. It’s not new technologies and machines, the future of the work its with the humans, because is the most important, this is the stem cells of the work. My quote is “If you have happy employees, you will have a successful company”, if you have employees with quality of life, good health, free time, flexible schedule for do home office, constant capacitation, with new goals everyday, you will have employees who love working in your company. The soul of the company is the employees, but you as leader of the company need select the best employees, like in Japan, a new employee it's like a new member of your family. But if you want to have this benefits, you need to be responsable and have visionSo I show you the characteristics of each one of these.

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If you as employee want to have this benefits, you need to be responsible and have vision. It's a co-responsibility, employee-company, if we have team work, all will be happy and in a consequence we will have successful. Quality of employees lives = successful companies...

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