Transport Time = Working Paid Time
Offer new transports so employees can work effectively during transportation and be paid.


Transportation today is just a waste of time for the employee and a source of energy waste. With the new technologies we have everything needed to work during transportation time. It is just not convenient right now and it is not quality time either. That's why it is not considered as work time. In big cities people often have two hours of transportation daily. If these two hours could be worked and paid it would mean a big difference in the quality of life of commuting people. I know that transportation time will decrease significantly in the future as people will work more and more from home. But I think they will be still a need to meet face to face a few days a week. My idea is that the employer offer new transportation ways to allow people to work during that time if they wish too. For example, offer business bus lines with small office cabins : private seats and glass separated spaces with wifi and some privacy so you can work with minimum noise and distraction. Therefore, this time is considered work time and paid for by your employer. It could also be trains or common office taxis with no drivers. You reserve your space by an app and as the time you are in the office taxis is paid you don't really mind if you do more transportation time because the application optimizes the itinerary according to customers booking.

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No more time wasted in transportation to go to work : if you have to go to the office, your employer provides a new way of transportation (office buses, common office taxis etc) that allows you to work effectively during that time and therefore those hours are worked and paid hours. If you had a 7 hours day at the office and two hours of transportation, you are juts going to have two more free hours per day ! Now you don't care to go or not to the office.

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