A hybrid creative hub that combines crowd-storm, crowd-sharing, crowd-funding and open-source.


I would like to approach the Future of Work from the POV of an independent creative.

I believe the most effective way to bolster creativity and innovation of any given organisation is to open up towards creative ideas from the 'outside'. This implies setting up special organisational mechanisms that would make easy for creative outsiders to contact the right people within a company and submit their creative proposals. Following this thought, I can well imagine organisations and businesses starting to adopt their own hybrid versions of Quirky (aka new product development), Kickstarter (aka crowdfunding), or Jovoto (aka briefing for specific tasks). Additionally, the future creative hubs will have real-time 'chat rooms' where creatives will be interacting with robots (AI Creative bots) as part of their usual brainstorming sessions. Shared intellectual property ownership will make idea theft more difficult. Also, 'share-holding' incentives will be the main reward for attracting the best talent.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

The best way for organisations to attract creative talent is to create an open-source hub that not only works on the given marketing briefs but also allows to make independent proposals regarding strategy and new product development + 50/50 crowdfunding shared between the company and investor/entrepreneurs.

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insight, prognosis

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