Skill Match
This year I want to improve my graphic design skills, my french and my drumming through work.


This is a place for multipotentiolites, or people who do not have one true calling but many passions that they want to develop. It's the people that work an IT job but play guitar on the side, the branch managers that win tennis cups, the architect that does fashion and graphic design on the few hours left after the office job. We all know them or are them. Constantly feeling like it has to be a choice between passions - which is the career and which is the hobby? Thus, this project is based on free workflows that stretch the idea of a career to the point where people which want to have jobs that include all their passions are given an alternative. This is an online platform that matches the exact skills of a person with potential clients that require the same multi expertise. For example a company that produces drums wants branding from a drummer designer so they are presented with a list of exact matches through a set of different search criteria. The emphasis would be on the expert as well because it would be designed to fill the exact amount of time that a person wants to work in a day with all his/her hobbies, looking for the perfect opportunities. For example, throughout the next six months a person wants to work on architecture projects as well as design game characters and work on astrology forecasts for improving those skills. Given the fact that the person has various levels of experience in each domain, the platform finds three best suiting jobs according to the level of proficiency and time willing to be spent on each or one job that incorporates all if possible.

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Skill Match is an online platform that eases the search for experts or companies that are looking for cross-skills opportunities. It enables freelancers to fill their working hours with as many careers as they like. It also helps companies to find the person who has the exact unique skill set that they are looking for.

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