Open source market place for The Employee Journey (from hire to retire)


Open Sourcing is commonly used in a variety of industries, but HR tends to keep ideas and initiatives somewhat close to their chest. HR is still somewhat led by IT when it comes down to technology decisions. At the same time a new type of employee is entering the market place. In 2020 around 40% of the workforce will be ruled by Gen Y and Gen Z and require new ways of guiding your employees to success.

I want to change this for good by providing HR practitioners a way to learn from each other and being able to put the employees first. Simply by offering content, case studies, contacts examples and technology for free through an open source market place.

What are the most relevant touch points when it comes down to new hires? Which blueprint for employee preboarding works best in your industry, and how can you make sure every employee can be turned into an ambassador? Members of the market place (now currently being around 250 enterprise customers of Appical) are already asking questions about issues their employers might have, instead of having to reinvent the wheel.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

Open source market place for HR practitioners who can retrieve examples on employee-centric case studies, business cases, and creative ideas that employees love.

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