Creative and effective initiatives for more productive jobs and companies
Initiatives that could be used by companies to retain employees and make them more productive.


A concept that can be translated by companies into new working styles and ways of collaboration, methods for employee satisfaction and retention. This concept can also be turned into benefits that could improve employer branding. It could also be used by HR managers or other people in a company that have the power to make decisions and organize teams. My idea includes the following initiatives: be your boss for one day to get a new perspective, learn how to make decisions and how to organize yourself and the team. The second initiative refers to exchanging experience between departments by spending time together, explaining and showing more about the work that each department does. The third initiative includes advice sessions with the CEO that could help employees learn to negotiate better or have a different approach regarding a specific issue. The last initiative includes voting sessions with employees about future strategies for the company through surveys, which would make them feel more involved, responsible and that they are an important part of the company and a valuable asset.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

HR departments, managers and employees can all collaborate and share their opinions on how to make their workplace more pleasant and productive.

What type of content is your submission?

It's not a type of content, but a set of strategies for companies and their employees.

Please highlight any third-party material used. Be sure to include the source where it can be found.

I didn't use any third-party material. These are just my ideas about how I imagine the way we will work better in the future.

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