Redefine the hierarchical structures of power, and substitute them by an equal division of tasks


The hierarchical relation between the boss and employee is obsolete. The working structure should be less hierarchical and more democratic, based and oriented on community building, discussion, and equally interaction. In my opinion, one of the biggest problems with education and the working method is that are focused on mass production, technical efficiency, order, and submission, requiring an authority, which simulates our current political structure. Neither students nor employees are encouraged to take an initiative or be creative by themselves since all the decisions and ideas are subjected to an external approval which doesn't necessarily goes through a common discussion That kind of relation of power just empowers the mass production and not the self-discovery, community building, or the collaboration among the workers. We should eliminate the thinking that "we need a strong leader" but that all can be strong leaders. This way of thinking might be apparently less effective, however, it encourages the self-discovery, motivation, self-determination and self-esteem of every worker, who become more valuable contributing to the progress and future of the company. I think this change in the working method should start in primary education and schools, however, companies could be good pioneers. Some specific measures that could be taken are: 1)Redefine the relationship between boss and employee. The boss should not be an unquestionable authority, but a collaborator. There should not be a classification of power, but a division of tasks. As it happens now, each employee works in a different department, but final decisions should be taken collectively 2)The working space should be welcoming, with open spaces and comfortable furniture to promote a relaxing atmosphere where employees can get together in an informal way. The architecture and interior design of the office can contribute to creating a more comfortable environment. 3)Relaxing therapy: yoga, pet care

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Eliminate the hierarchical relationship between the employee and the boss, avoiding the role of an authority or one strong leader. Create more comfortable, chilling and relaxing spaces in the working area to promote the closeness among the workers, the collaborative work, and the common discussions. Implement some relaxing therapies for employees, such as yoga classes in the office, pet contact, since many workers complain about the amount of stress and overwhelm

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