Work with global perspectives meeting in local communities.


People working for global companies will meet in local communities, in buildings left abandoned by the mechanization and computerization of the production processes. The active reuse of these places will create challenging workplaces where the new and old work systems will be in direct connection. Global companies will be in touch with local realities, engaging stronger connections with the regional economies, building a glocal attitude that will increase their commercial visibility and inspire new systems of interaction with local businesses. Abandoned buildings will be temporarily reused, giving them a second life, using modular workstations and the flexibility potentials of technology; the local businesses and communities will benefit of the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with representatives of international companies. The link between new and old work systems will realise stronger economies and a more distributed organisation of the resources; the local businesses will meet global perspectives building connections as never seen before.

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Global meets local. New and old work processes will create innovative connections. People and ideas will move faster, realising stronger links with the regional realities.

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