Aim App - Hunt Your Jobs
Connect with professionals and brands and be able to choose what project you want to work for.


Aim is a freelance job searching app concept, designed following the same experience of dating apps (like Grindr for example), that let users connect with other professionals from other areas of expertise and small to big companies on their surroundings, making networking dynamic.

One of the most challenging things about working alone is getting clients, and more than work for money, creative professionals need jobs that makes sense to what they love to do and to their mindset or jobs that are challenging enough. Being able to choose what briefings you want to take and what brands you want to work for, and for employers to know who want to work for them, is healthy and life-saver. There is a professional for every kind of demand.

The app concept involves interacting with the user's surroundings, making them add other talents to their network, discovering nearby businesses and creating solutions for their needs, indirectly being involved on improving their neighborhood's and the city's environment and life quality. For bigger brands, It gets easier for their marketing offices and creative houses to hire a specific talent or organization for a specific job in a specific area, and build a diverse network of interesting ideas for branding and even products from their creative customers.

Users can search for other professionals and organizations and choose which location they want to find them, send a match and know if the other side is interested in working with them, message and creating a short briefing with an in-app tool, if the user is hiring.

Hiring is open to be brand to talent, talent to talent, talent to brand or brand to brand.

It's all about connecting fast and easy and having full freedom to manage your time, workplace and what job is important for you to do.

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Connect with brands you want to work for and know if they are needing your talent too. Have a large view about your surroundings needs and business opportunities without leave your home. Create a diverse network with people who also wants to work with you.

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App concept.

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All photos from Coca-cola and Heineken brands, used for exemplifying, are from their respective websites. Other logotypes and illustrations designed by me, from personal works.