Individuals, Not Stereotypes
Individuals, not stereotypes is the future of how we hire, connect and work with one another.


There would be a platform where customizability for each person is its core. Through it, you can control and define your needs and wants in every job you’re looking for. Some people want to travel the world as they work, others prefer to stay at home with their family. Mentorship, payment, work hours, trips, vacations; all of these can be set. Car, housing, and even toys can be your payment. On the other hand, companies can also set the same parameters based on what they can offer, look through your needs, choose and hire who best fits them. With the personal way of offering jobs, both parties can adjust their offers and meet in the middle where a perfect job is tailor-fit for each and every individual.

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Each person has their own story. Everyone has their own personality and goals, unique experiences and journeys in life. The platform is made for every individual’s story to fit into a work role that helps define and achieve their desired output along with their chosen companies, collaborators, and team members.

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