Observers are Worried
Multi-sensory creative collaboration is the most efficient imagination station.


There is a saying in Ghana that can be found on taxis, lorries, and storefronts that says “Observers are Worried.” Behold, I learned that “to participate” was the only method for enlightment, atleast to fulfill and answer the “wonderings” that reticulated in my brain. I discovered that I had to “empty” myself in order to learn. I had to be willing to dance or drum, even if I felt foolish. I knew that I had to take risks to truly understand the reasons for my existence there.

Through my experiences, I believe, the future of work is to find purpose in the "making" through creative collaboration. Therefore, no worriers! Moreover, it is impactful to create with a diverse range of ages, remembering that each stage of life share it's own wisdom. Not to mention, when multi-sensory modalities such as music and art are embraced in the work environment, creativity abounds.

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There is an African proverb that states, "it takes a village." This is the future of work. Everyone is invited to "bring their senses," instead of relying on a particular person, coined for a particular job. The future of work is not a casting call, it is a place for community.

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Photo documentation of work completed in collaboration with the village of Tafi Abuife, Volta Region of Ghana.

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All work is by me and the village of Tafi Abuife. I completed the work through a grant awarded to me by the Rhode Island School of Design.